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ABOUT THIS DEMO WEBSITE; What our customers say


Suzanne Clarkson, Parish Councillor, Somerford, Cheshire


"I appreciate your very helpful and speedy responses."




Website: www.somerford.org

Jonathan Morgan, Parish Councillor, Tenbury Wells, Worcestershire


"Upper Bridge Enterprises Community Websites are professional looking.

The online interface is very easy to use.

The support from the Upper Bridge team is excellent. I had a couple of problems and they were resolved straight away (even at weekends).

It is ideal to get events advertised, for example Town Council information, agendas etc. It is great for getting other organisations involved.

There are loads of things you can do with the community site, which I have not experimented with yet."

Website: www.tenburytown.org.uk

Rachel Seccombe, Clerk to Chailey Parish Council, East Sussex


"Upper Bridge Enterprises has provided Chailey Parish Council with a community website since the start of 2008. The site provides an effective channel of communication for local clubs, societies and organisations to publicise activities and events and also helps the parish council to circulate community information such as police warnings and current planning applications.


Users have found the site easy to navigate around and have commented favourably on its format and appearance, especially the local images gallery on the home page. Uptake of this new site has been really encouraging with over 12,000 'website visits' in the first six months.


The steps to transfer documents and photos to the site are simple to follow and so it is easy to keep the site up to date. Requests for guidance are promptly investigated by the ever-helpful staff."


Website: www.chailey.org

Jenni Toomey, Clerk to Hamsey Parish Council, East Sussex


"As the clerk to a rather small parish it has been left to me to assemble the new website with the help of Upper Bridge. I need not have worried, the site has been quite easy to get to grips with and is really quick to update. If I have any problems due to my inexperience, a quick phone call or email gets it sorted straight away. Thank you for your helpful and friendly approach and for never making me feel stupid!"

Website: www.hamsey.net

Rowena Jackson, Clerk to Dormansland PC, Surrey


"Dormansland Parish Council is currently developing a new community website through UBE and is very impressed with the service received. UBE offers real insight into the role a parish website can play in engaging the community and offering it much more than a static Parish Council site. After-sales support has been excellent thanks to UBE's expert and attentive staff."

Website: www.dormansland.org.uk

Brian Holley, Weobley Village Website Administrator, Herefordshire


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"The Weobley village website has been up and running for a year now. We're consistently at the top of Google searches and have had over 3000 visits.

From the many contributions from local organisations the facility is gradually growing to become a major information service to the community.

The support from Upper Bridge Enterprises has been tremendous and pretty well instantaneous."

Website: www.weobley.org

Chris Smith, Parish Councillor, Lyonshall, Herefordshire


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"We established the www.lyonshall.net website as a low-risk experiment, to see if the need was out there!

The response has been excellent, and it has greatly improved the communication across the parish. It has also brought in extra business to the parish which benefits us all.

The Community Website is so easy to keep up-to-date, which is essential to make the website relevant and interesting - it represents extra-ordinarily good value for money when you look at how much tailor-made websites cost."

Website: www.lyonshall.net

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