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Primary School Board of Governors; Home

Welcome to the Governors' pages

The governing body of our Primary School consists of Parent Governors, Staff Governors, Community Governors and 1 Local Education Authority (LEA) governor.


Parent governors are elected by parents of children at the school; community governors are appointed by the governing body and the LEA governor is appointed by the local authority that maintains the school.


The composition of the school’s governing body therefore reflects a range of groups from the community and enables the governing body to draw on a wide variety of skills and experiences. Current members include the Headteacher, the vicar of the local church, a medical consultant , two solicitors, an estate manager, a school bursar, IT specialists, HR managers, a teacher and a special needs assistant.


Becoming a school governor

- An effective governing body is vital to a school's success. But have you ever thought why?



- Governors make key decisions such as appointing the head teacher.


- Governors' decisions directly affect the education and well-being of children.


- Governors can really make a difference in improving standards throughout the school.


What makes a good school governor?

- you care about improving children's educational attainment

- you want to contribute to the local community

- you want to work as part of a team and can value the contribution made by different people

- you accept you might need training

- you are willing to ask questions

- you are open to ideas and willing to learn.


What can I offer as governor?

- enthusiasm and commitment

- if you are a parent, your own understanding of other parents' concerns, but you don't need to be a parent to be a good school governor

- whether you are a parent or not, as a member of the school's community your local knowledge will be valuable: you will have a feel for what is important to people

- if you happen to have business or other skills, schools might find these particularly helpful.


How does a governing body work?

A governing body:


- works closely with the head teacher

- makes decisions collectively as a team

- often delegates decision making to committees or to individuals, for example, to the head teacher and

- conducts most of its business through meetings, making use of relevant papers and guidance, and advice from the head teacher


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