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Quality Parish Council

In January of this year our Parish Council was accredited with Quality Status, which officially puts us in the top 200 out of 10,000 town and parish councils throughout England and Wales and 9th out of 204 active Parish and Town Councils in the shire.


This quality status is granted for 4 years but we have to keep up the standards otherwise we lose it. One area of concern in this matter is that the elections are coming up in 2007 and to keep the status we need to have a 100% of candidates for the 10 council places. In past years we have had 8 or 9 candidates and the council have then co-opted people to make up the compliment of 10.


If you are interested in the workings of your parish, or you feel that your part of the parish is neglected, then put yourself forward for election. It is not too onerous a task being a councillor, our monthly meetings commencing at 7.30pm and finishing around 9.00pm, so an hour and a half per month is not a lot of time to devote to the Parish.


Obviously you can join one of the committees that interest you and you may have to give a little more of your time. But it is very rewarding and we need your support.


What is the Parish Council?

The Parish Council is community government, that which is nearest to you. It represents the parishioners of our parish.


How do you become a Parish Councillor?

You can see a list of the current Parish Councillors by clicking on Parish Council Sites>Councillors.

There is usually an election of the Parish Councillors every four years at the same time as the Local Government elections. If more than five councillors stand, there will be an election to elect five. If five or less stand, they are elected by default.

To stand, you must have lived in or near our parish for some time and you need two people to nominate you. The clerk will invite you to stand via this website and the parish magazine when an election is imminent.


When does the Parish Council meet?

It meets about eight times a year. Invariably, the meeting is held in the Village Hall. The dates are in Parish Council>Meetings, and the agendas of forthcoming meetings and the minutes of past meetings are in Parish Council>Minutes and Agendas.


Anybody can attend Parish Council meetings. At the beginning of each meeting time is reserved to hear any comments or concerns from the public. Subsequently, you can sit through the meeting but only to listen to the proceedings. If you want to say something and can attract the attention of the Chair, he or she can adjourn the meeting to allow you to have your say.


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