Upper Bridge from the south

Upper Bridge parish

building our community


This is a demonstration site for Your-Community Website, the best community website there is!

You custom build this website to suit your community.

Everything you see on the website is entered by you: the headings, the images, the names of the navigation buttons and all the text. You can even change the colours and the fonts.

By creating buttons for the organisations in your community and giving them authorisation to administer their own sections, the administration of the website is distributed to those who own the information so the site can be kept up to date with ease.

There is a comprehensive range of functions.

There is no capital cost and the net annual cost could be nothing or the site even provide an income.

Your site could be operational within 48 hours.

For more information, please call 01497 831019 or contact us by clicking here ube@upperbridge.co.uk



Please come and take a tour round this webiste now!

Try out the buttons on the nav bar and see where they lead you and what you learn about the (fictional) Upper Bridge community.


See what being a Registered User is like - browse this demonstration site using the

Username 12345678 and

Password 12345678.

This will get you access to facilities like the Directory - go to Community Services>Directory.


Comprehensive range of functions

The administrators can set up a Home page for each section as well as a list of the names of that Section's council or committee.

They can also add News items, Events, Photos, Documentes and Links to other websites.

Community members can register with the website and thereby be part of a directory and skills inventory. This also gives them access to add to a Notice Board facility and a Wheels facility which matches people offering lifts to those requiring lifts.

Traders (businesses) in the community can build their own web page to promote their business or make a link to their own website.



As a Master Administrator, you have authority to manage all the custom building functions above. By authorising others to be additional Master Administrators, you can share the workload.

In addition, for each section you create (Parish Council, Computer Club etc) you can authorise others to administer that particular section. More than one person can be authorised to administer a section and the same person can be authorised to administer more than one section. Master and Section administrators can set the access level of every piece of information they enter to World access, Community access (the information will only available to registered community members) or Section access (only available to the Section committee or council members).



UBE reversed

Once your chosen domain name has been registered and activated, your website will be operational. This process takes less than 48 hours. If you would like more information, please call 01497 831019 or contact us by clicking here ube@upperbridge.co.uk


Open our company website:



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