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Upper Bridge parish

building our community


Welcome to our demonstration site

Please take a look around the site, built for a fictional community called Upper Bridge, and discover the many communication tools available within the Your-Community Website.

I hope you enjoy your tour. I would be happy to hear your comments or answer your queries, just click here Lesley Fairbairn, Customer Services at UBE.

For sales enquiries, please click here Roger Withnell, Customer Sales at UBE.

Our customers have great ideas for what they want from this site and we are developing new features as fast as we can. If you have suggestions please mail them to: Suggestions.

What is Upper Bridge Community Website?

Upper Bridge Community Website is a means to enhance and empower a local community providing information on the area and the opportunity to discuss local issues. Importantly, it offers the potential to enhance integration and collaboration within the community.

Within this local community, this website can enhance tourism. Local businesses use it to advertise, local people use it to check up on local activities, expatriates use it to keep in touch with ‘home’. It can be used to offer education, tourist information, local news and weather reports, and community bulletins. It can provide links to web pages from football to archaeology, to family history. Most importantly it gives people a voice.

This site provides identity and a collective solidarity to those who cannot visit the area physically. It also provides practical means of communication and information.

Upper Bridge community website links the community together, as well as offering a link to a global community with a genuine interest in our area.


Can new technologies be employed to enhance communities?

This community now has enhanced communication and increased social inclusion; the site offers photographs of the area and some of its residents, a message board and people’s views are sought via survey questionnaires. These features enhance identification and belonging, social support, participation, and inclusion.

Upper Bridge community web site has created a “pride of place” within local people and offers Upper Bridge inhabitants a voice, identity, and sense of belonging.

It can be concluded that this site holds enormous potential for the development of the community.


 brings together a wealth of useful information from key organisations in Herefordshire.   To search on their website, click here.


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