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Several panel formats

This is one of a maximum of five panels that can have different formats.

You can choose paragraphs, bullets or a numbered list and include an image, as well as the page's colour scheme.

You can also change the order in which the panels appear.

This panel is the simplest with paragraphs and no image. With this type, you can change the font size and alignment. This panel is set to the largest font and is aligned in the centre.

Image with paragraphs

Image with paragraphs

This panel is the same as the one above but an image has been added.

You can include up to 500 characters in the text of one panel.

This panel type uses the smallest font.

If you click on the thumbnail image, an enlargement appears in another window.

Bullets only

  • Two columns of bullets
  • Uses the smallest font
  • List your key products
  • Or list your service offerings
  • Etc etc

Image and bullets

Image and bullets
  • Image and bullets
  • Two columns of bullets evenly split
  • Uses the smallest font
  • Click the image to enlarge it
  • Use bullets to highlight your products
  • Or highlight your service offerings

Numbered list of items

  1. A web page like this can be yours from only a few pounds a year.
  2. The web page is advertised on the local website to which it belongs and can be accessed across the UK via a UK map and world wide on the web.
  1. For more details on the benefits go to www.your-community.co.uk Traders>Apply for a listing
  2. For any other information, please contact us (see the top of this page).