Upper Bridge Parish Council


Mrs ND Beavan, Clerk to Upper Bridge Parish Council

5 Meadow Crescent, Upper Bridge e XA4 6AD

Tel: 02595 234567 Email: clerk@UpperBridge.net





Present:           Cllr. JL Lamb                 Apologies:       Cllr. RG Adams

Cllr. TS Skyrme                                     Cllr.EA Finch

Cllr. K. Dodd, Dist

Cllr. LNV Jackson


In attendance: Mrs ND BEavan - Clerk to the Council.


The Council meeting commenced: 7.30pm


23.0 Questions from the public

There were no questions from the public


24.0 Apologies for absence

As listed above.


25.0 Declarations of interest and update of interests.

There were no declarations of interest.


26.0 Minutes of the last meeting

Minutes of the meeting held 10th May were agreed and signed by the Chair


27.0 Matters arising

Minutes 14 & 21 Clerk has asked ESCC to carry out repairs.


28.0 Financial matters


28.1 Council approved the following payments (including VAT):

Cheque no. 069 £1,987.36 Allianz Cornhill Insurance renewal

Cheque no. 070 £50 SOCS – request for subscription

Cheque no. 071 £40 AIRS – request for subscription

Cheque no. 072 £27 CPRE request for subscription

Cheque no. 073 £154.20 SALC request for subscription

Cheque no. 074 £50 Blogg & Co

Cheque no. 075 £1,931.25 Public Works Loan Board – interest on loan.

*Cheque no. 076 £75,328.05 Public Works Loan Board – Discharge of loan.

*Cheque no. 077 £154.80 David Manning. Internal Audit

*Cheque no. 078 Spoiled

*Cheque no. 079 £549.00 N Beavan – May salary and expenses

*Cheque no. 080 £24.60 A. Sugar – annual meeting expenses

*not drawn yet


£499.07 – vat repayment

£40,000 – Defra payment

£10,000 - Village Hall committee


28.2 Current financial position: Council noted the current financial situation.

28.3 Council noted the internal audit and approved the annual return.

28.4 Council noted the auditor’s comments that no insurance cover was held for the

clerk. It was agreed to leave this as it stands for the present. The auditor had also

commented on the rather low payment made to the clerk for providing an office

and computer/printer/phone for use by the council. It was agreed that this would

be an item for the clerk’s annual review.

28.5 Council noted that the PWLB loan was now cleared.

The chair formally thanked the clerk for her work on the annual audit and with

managing the finances on the new hall.


29.0 Planning matters

29.1 Agreed: The comments provided on the following proposals were ratified:

LW/07/0612 Land West Of Luckfield Road – Section 73A Retrospective application for the continued use of land for the purpose of flying model aircraft for Greater Bridge And District Model Flying Club - objection

LW/07/0357 12 Malthouse Way  - Two storey side & rear extensions (existing conservatory to be demolished) – no objection

LW/07/0594 8 Chandlers Mead - Two storey side extension – no objection

LW/07/0210 Fishpond House - Garden room – no objection

Decisions by LDC: The following decisions were noted:

LW/07/0397 Squires Farm  - Single storey front extension, single storey side extension, creation of gable end to existing garage for the formation of studio above including external staircase & various internal & external alterations including rooflights – granted

LW/07/0673 Old School House - Section 73A Retrospective application for the retention of a temporary wooden cabin for business use – refused

LW/07/0782 4 The Street - addition of windows and dormer – granted

Council noted that the appeal lodged in respect of the caravan site would be heard on 24.7.07. Cllr Smith will attend.


30.0 Recreation ground and pavilion

31.0 Council considered reports on the following meetings:

33.0 Rights of Way issues

34.0 Youth issues

35.0 Bevern Spring Line Villages Initiative

Nothing to report

36.0 RVRC

Nothing to report from the last meeting.

37.0 Malthouse report

38.0 Newsletter – copy for next issue to be in by 16th August.

39.0 Website

40.0 Council adopted a new publications scheme under the freedom of

information act. Clerk to publicise on all boards.

41.0 Items for noting or inclusion on a future agenda

42.0 Date of next meetings

6th September and 1st November, 10th January and 13th March

Meeting closed at 9.05pm.


Signed……………………………………..(Chairman ) Dated……………………………

Draft minutes posted 11th July (unadopted)